Cherry Branch Decal

Vinyl decals have become the newest way to add flair up your walls. We offer designs that can assist you in creating unique designs. One example of this is our version of a bird on a cherry branch reaching for a dragonfly. We offer this in any of our stock colors from our color chart. This is only one of many designs you'll find one of our Etsy shop

Truth in Vinyl Wall Art

Have you ever looked at an ad for a graphic design where they have something on a wall with a table, sofa, or chair in front of it or under it? The graphic take up most of the wall and is about a foot longer than the 75" sofa it hangs over? You think that would look great on my wall over my sofa so you click on the ad only to find out (if you are lucky) that in the listing they have a disclaimer stating that " the picture shown is for display only and actual graphics may be smaller" so you look at the discription and find this graphic is 12" tall by 18" long! Yep that's right. you've been had!

They get you interested in a huge graphic that sells for 4 or 5 times as much as the one you where looking at. I guess that could be called bait and switch? After all they are showing it to be LARGER than the sofa.

We try our best to NEVER do that. Our graphics are sized as close as possible to the actual graphic in the picture, even if it means it make it harder to see the fine details of the graphic. We believe that it is not only wrong to enlarge a graphic, but it is a crime! I do not know why folks still buy from these companies that use this slick tactic to get you to buy their graphics over another company that follows the rules, but folks do, they fall for the "look" of the graphics and not the size quoted in the listing only later to realize the mistake and then they feel they can not return it because the ad stated the size. But you can! If you have bought a graphic for anyone and found out later that the graphic is WAY smaller that the image they used to sell it to you...SEND IT BACK! and then report them to paypal, etsy, ArtFire, or yes even Ebay. These comapnies have a responsibility to NOT display this type of advertising on their sites, but will do little to stop it unless folks complain. How can you complain to these companies? Every site has a place where you can email them, not the sellers, but the hosting site. None of these companies want bad press and let's face it bait and switch is bad press.

I believe we live in a country that in the end rewards those who play by the rules. Treating your customers fair and truthfully will come back to a company. We have built our small business on going the extra mile for our customers and we have the feedback that show it.
I try to post things that are mostly positive, but at times somethings just need to be said and after talking with so many who have said this very thing in privite I felt it was time someone said it out loud.

DIY No Paint Murals

There is no need to get out the paint to create a beautiful wall mural. We offer this one as a fast, easy way to have a wall mural, but without all the hassle of painting. Vinyl wall decals have become the new way to decorate your home. The designs are endless because we use your ideas to create custom decals for your home. We also offer other designs that when combined can create a unique design only you will have.

Our little tree measures 24″ wide by 32″ tall and comes with 6 little birdies. You can get this lovely design in up to 3 colors, tree, leaves, and birds. This is a decal kit, you will be getting the tree as one piece, then the leaves in 2 pieces (a left an a right for easy installation) and then the birds on one sheet to cut apart to place wherever you wish.

You will find this one Plus many more at and