Vinyl Wall Decal Art - Cherry Blossom Branch

We have been making this design for a few years now and it never seems to grow old. The customers keep ordering new color combinations that just make it jump back to life. Some hove used such vibrant colors that I did not think would work, but they do! It just goes to show that we have some great customers that really know how to choose great colors.
This vinyl wall decal can add a splash of nature to any interior wall with our lovely cherry blossomed branch with birds. This 3 colored decal kit lets you have more control of your design by letting you place the 5 birds and blossoms anywhere you wish.

The branch measures 60” long and 21” tall. This can come reversed (or mirrored) if you let us know when ordering.

Please specify which 3 colors you would like:
1) Branch
2) Blossoms
3) Birds