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Busy Season

Chuck e Byrd Wall Art is a small "Mom & Pop" Design shop. This holiday season has been a busy one for us here, so much that I am sorry to say I have let our blog go a bit so we could keep up with the orders. But I believe that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Below is a new twist to one of our designs, more color and folks just seem to love birds so we added a few, hope you like them.

This is a floral Motif vinyl decal measuring 20" wide and 38" tall. This can be a 2 color decal, one color for the scroll floral, another color for the birds.

Please specify which of our 56 stock colors and finish (Matte or Gloss) you would like in the "Message to Seller" box when ordering

All of our graphic are easy and very simple to apply. They look great on any wall, window, or mirror and are perfectly suited for any smooth, clean surface.

Every graphic comes with Easy to follow instructions that will walk you through each step and on our website  we have a video tutorial that demonstrates each step. Just copy and paste into your browser and see just how fast and easy you can add flair to your walls.

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Putting a new twist on a popular design

The Cherry blossom branch vinyl decal is
one of our most popular designs.
The 3 panel scrolled branch is also a popular design.
We thought why not combine the design style
by making a 3 panel cherry blossom branch  
So we did.

With this design we offer you more control of your design
by placing the birds where ever you wish. 

Chuck E Byrd Wall Art is a full service
vinyl decal design studio
specializing in creating unique
“No Paint”
Wall Murals.

Big News about Chuck E Byrd Wall Art!

I know I have not kept up too well with this blog, but I have a good reason. We have been blessed with business, folks just seem to love our decal kits. I mean we hoped folks would, but never though it would take off to the point it has.

As some may know, earlier this year we expanded into what we thought would be enough room for years to come, but not so. We have out grown our new space (which was about double our old space) so we have been busy expanding our Chuck E Byrd Wall Art space into our sign shop space that was set up for large signs. The overall size of our building here is 32' x 64' and we are hoping by the end of October to be in our expanded space which will then be about two thirds of the build size just for our Chuck E Byrd Wall Art shop.

A major reason for our expansion was to allow us to add more stock colors, and so we have. We just added 16 NEW COLORS to our color Chart, that means we now offer 56 STOCK COLORS!

We also have been working on a new web site with an expanded wall art collection along with a better shopping cart. We can not wait for these changes to take effect, we have been truly blessed. We are able to work at something we love (with someone we love) and have time to take care of our parents (when needed). What more could any couple ask for.

Mother and Baby Giraffe

It’s been a while but I have something nice for most any nursery.

It’s a mother giraffe with a baby,

mother stand 53″ tall and baby stands 24″.

Mother with Baby - nut brown color

We are working on a few more, but it has been so long I wanted to post this one now.

You can find this decal and many others at

Airplane & Rocket Bedroom Decor

We came upon this great article and knew we had to share it with you. It is from a very well written website Interior Design Plan

I am sure some of you know we have a few designs that go along with this article,

If you are thinking about decorating a child's room then check out this site, it has it all!

Our Bi-planes in the clouds

Rockets in the clouds

Don't forget our Buy 3 decals and get the 4th decal FREE!
"see our shop for details"

Chuck E Byrd Wall Art

Giveaway: Wall decal on TheDesignFile


Winner update

The Design File, a blog compiled by Lesley. She is someone who has a love for design and it shows in her blog. I say compiled instead of written because she is more about bringing the idea to the table and less about who had the idea.

We were contacted by Lesley a few weeks back when she asked us if it would be OK to write about our shop, Of course we jumped up and yelled YES! Her blog is such a great source for ideas and trends that who would not want to be featured in it? We where thrilled when we found out that we could work with Lesley on a free give away on her blog.

We jumped again to say yes. The Design File blog will be conducting this free give away and you will need to go to this link ( ) for the details on how to enter. But don't just stop on the enter page, check out Lesley's blog. I think everyone will find something of interest there. She compiles her post with a nice Midwest charm that I am sure everyone will enjoy.

We all know that the internet can be a cold place at times, but it is people like Lesley that add a warmth that help not just us here at Chuck E Byrd Wall Art, but everyone who reads her writings.


Chuck & Jeanette


Hey! we are having a vinyl wall YART SALE!
Yep, now you can save 15% off everything in our shop. We have a yart sale section where we started, these prices have already been marked down. But then we thought? who want just a few items marked down? So we are turning the YART sale into the Chuck E Byrd Wall YART SALE and giving 15% off (see shop for details) everything in the shop!
Come on by and see how easy it can be to change the look of any room. Need a smaller or larger size, no problem just convo us for a solution.

Spring clean up, spruce up, and Decorating

It seems growing up that every year, in the spring, Mom would do the "spring cleaning". A tradition handed down from my Grandmother to my Mother. It mostly involved cleaning every part of our home. Our home always look so clean afterward, so comfortable, a safe haven for us kids. My folks worked hard to make it that way.

It was also a time for changing the decor Mom used in the house, not too much, just some painting or a new lamp shade. Back then we did not have vinyl wall art and the hand painted murals cost just too much for a working mans home.

Now just about anyone can afford to add a wall mural to their home. Our vinyl wall decals can transform any wall into a one of a kind mural. We have many decals that when combines can create such a mural. Now with our buy 3 get 1 free program you can do just that.

We started this program to make vinyl wall art murals more affordable. Here is how it works.


Our “No Paint” wall murals
can change the look of any room in minutes.
With our many patterns you can
combine them to create a design
that is truly unique to you and your home.
Ok folks you have found our special, hidden link
for a buy 3 decals get the 4th decal for
Yes that is right. When you buy any 3 decals
we will give you the 4th decal for FREE.
The 4th decal has to be of equal or lesser value
than any of the other 3 decals.
Just follow these simple instructions
You can buy them from any of our
shops listed below
Just pick out the 3 decals you want to buy,
(keep in mind the free decal has to be the lowest priced decal)
take those 3 decals to the shopping cart and buy them,
Then in the note to seller box in the cart checkout, list the
free decal you would like with all the info needed to
make it (color & finish).

Please note: If at anytime you need assistance please
email us with your questions.

Superior Customer service
IS our main Goal

Here at Chuck E Byrd Wall Art.
We value each customer and work hard
to get you your decals as promptly as possible.
Please check our shop feedback
and you'll see we have many very
satisfied customers

Bi-Planes in the Clouds - Vinyl Wall Art

We all have times that just make us happy to do our work. Today was one of mine, as a designer of vinyl wall art I have created many designs that I thought where good and all, but today I had one that just clicked in my head and the funny thing is that it was not some great idea or flashy intricate design. This simple, yet easy to install design just looks good to me.

I know it is hard to remain objective about it (being that I drew it) but I think this one works. I hope you enjoy looking at it. If you would like to buy it, you will find it at any of our sales shops listed below.

Damask Floral Motif - Vinyl Wall Art Decal

You can add a element of flair to any room with this floral motif set. They come 3 to a set and they measure 13½" wide by 14" tall. Shown here in a stacked layout, but you can place them however you wish as this come in 3 separate pieces.

No need to worry about paint clean up, with our "paint-less" wall art you can get the same results as the pro's, but without all the mess or labor cost.

NEVER GIVE UP! vinyl wall quote

When times are tough,


when things go wrong,


Because you never know what is just around the corner!
Life can be full of ups and downs and at those time we need a little reminder
that what is just around the corner no one knows,
so hang on and never give up.


Our reminder measures 16½” tall by 22″ long and can be made in any of the colors from our color chart.

you can order this and many others at one of our 4 online shops

Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art
Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art Etsy
Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art ArtFire
Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art 1000Markets

Vinyl Wall Art Decal - Eiffel Tower 5 Feet Tall Highly Detailed

Vinyl Wall Decals can brighten up any room
with designs from around the world.
Our Eiffel Tower has no grunge in it, just clean crisp lines.
We offer this one in a 2 feet tall, 5 feet tall and even
a 8 feet tall model, yes I said 8 feet tall.
The 2 larger ones will come in 3 easy pieces for installation.

This Decal has fine detail that when applied to your wall
lets the color of your wall show through.

We offer this as well as all our designs in
any of our 33 stock colors.

We offer over 150 different design at
one of our 4 online shops

Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art
Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art Etsy
Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art ArtFire
Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art 1000Markets

Cherry Blossom Branch with Birds Vinyl Wall Decals

If you’re looking to add a splash of nature to any interior wall now you can with our lovely cherry blossom branch with birds. This 3 colored decal kit lets you have more control of your design by letting you place the 5 birds and blossoms anywhere you wish.

Cherry Blossom Branch with Birds

The branch measures 60” long and 21” tall. This can come facing left or right just let us know when ordering.
This is our latest design, just created it this weekend and you can find it on our website.

KEEP CALM and CARRY ON - vinyl wall poster

This is great advise in these troubled times. This is from a World War II poster from England. They were printed with plans to place them around the country to remind folks to Stay Calm and Carry on, but it never happened, and they where lost for years. Our version of this poster measures 12½" wide by 24" tall. You can get this in any of our new stock colors.

We have long offered this WWII poster with the lettering cut to be applied. But we now offer this same poster in a reverse cut poster.

Now you can have this poster in any of our 33 colors,

Order your today!

A New Twist to a Older Decal Design

Here is a new twist to an older decal design. We offer this in a 3 panel design that design has done very well, but we had a customer ask about doing the branch without the boxes and this is what we came up with.


This one measure 20″ tall by 75″ long, but can really be made in most any size you may want.

More colors added to our Color Palette

Yes we have expanded our stock color palette. We now have 56 color in both Matte and gloss. We offer more colors in the matte finish than gloss because the matte has such a deep, rich look that adds a look of quality for indoor vinyl wall art. We have ALWAYS offered the Matte vinyl, we are just adding a few more...


Most all vinyl wall art shops use the same vinyl manufactures, but re-name their vinyls with cute names, we do not. If you find a color somewhere that you like, compare it to our chart and you'll most likely find we have it, but under the manufactures name and number. We just think that it is best to keep it simple and besides you will pick a color based on what you like, not a cute name.
You can see the many decals we offer at our shop listed below.
However we are working to update our Color Palette in our listings.

NEW Smaller Fancy Birdcages 3 pc set - Vinyl Wall Art - Wall Decal

Do you like our bird cages but have no place for a large set? Well so many have asked for a smaller set that we came up with these just for those of you that need some pizazz in those smaller spaces.

These smaller cages measure as shown 15½” wide by 21″ tall (overall) from the top of the chain to the bottom of the lowest cage and come in several pieces so installation is easy. You can have the cages in one color and the birds in another. Cages are 3¼” x 17½”, 4¼” x 21″, and 3¼” x 14¼”. This set comes with 3 cages with the chain already attached. The birds come unattached so you can place them anywhere you wish.

These cages can be purchased at our studio or

Some folks are so nice

Some folks are just so nice. We have been featured in a blog, "Gems by Jerri" They did a very nice write up about Chuck E Byrd Wall Art and what we do here.

Please take a moment and check out their blog.

Cherry Branch Decal

Vinyl decals have become the newest way to add flair up your walls. We offer designs that can assist you in creating unique designs. One example of this is our version of a bird on a cherry branch reaching for a dragonfly. We offer this in any of our stock colors from our color chart. This is only one of many designs you'll find one of our Etsy shop

Truth in Vinyl Wall Art

Have you ever looked at an ad for a graphic design where they have something on a wall with a table, sofa, or chair in front of it or under it? The graphic take up most of the wall and is about a foot longer than the 75" sofa it hangs over? You think that would look great on my wall over my sofa so you click on the ad only to find out (if you are lucky) that in the listing they have a disclaimer stating that " the picture shown is for display only and actual graphics may be smaller" so you look at the discription and find this graphic is 12" tall by 18" long! Yep that's right. you've been had!

They get you interested in a huge graphic that sells for 4 or 5 times as much as the one you where looking at. I guess that could be called bait and switch? After all they are showing it to be LARGER than the sofa.

We try our best to NEVER do that. Our graphics are sized as close as possible to the actual graphic in the picture, even if it means it make it harder to see the fine details of the graphic. We believe that it is not only wrong to enlarge a graphic, but it is a crime! I do not know why folks still buy from these companies that use this slick tactic to get you to buy their graphics over another company that follows the rules, but folks do, they fall for the "look" of the graphics and not the size quoted in the listing only later to realize the mistake and then they feel they can not return it because the ad stated the size. But you can! If you have bought a graphic for anyone and found out later that the graphic is WAY smaller that the image they used to sell it to you...SEND IT BACK! and then report them to paypal, etsy, ArtFire, or yes even Ebay. These comapnies have a responsibility to NOT display this type of advertising on their sites, but will do little to stop it unless folks complain. How can you complain to these companies? Every site has a place where you can email them, not the sellers, but the hosting site. None of these companies want bad press and let's face it bait and switch is bad press.

I believe we live in a country that in the end rewards those who play by the rules. Treating your customers fair and truthfully will come back to a company. We have built our small business on going the extra mile for our customers and we have the feedback that show it.
I try to post things that are mostly positive, but at times somethings just need to be said and after talking with so many who have said this very thing in privite I felt it was time someone said it out loud.

DIY No Paint Murals

There is no need to get out the paint to create a beautiful wall mural. We offer this one as a fast, easy way to have a wall mural, but without all the hassle of painting. Vinyl wall decals have become the new way to decorate your home. The designs are endless because we use your ideas to create custom decals for your home. We also offer other designs that when combined can create a unique design only you will have.

Our little tree measures 24″ wide by 32″ tall and comes with 6 little birdies. You can get this lovely design in up to 3 colors, tree, leaves, and birds. This is a decal kit, you will be getting the tree as one piece, then the leaves in 2 pieces (a left an a right for easy installation) and then the birds on one sheet to cut apart to place wherever you wish.

You will find this one Plus many more at and

What a wonderful etsy shop

I came upon a wonder Etsy shop today and wanted to share it here. You'll find her Original design cards here that are just beautiful. Stop by her shop today and look for yourself, I think you'll agree she is one talented designer.

Just a sample of what you'll find there.

Little Chickadees

Not every wall decal needs to be large. Here we have 4 little Chickadees they are 2¼" X 3" wide and they can add charm to any room. They can be applied to any smooth surface.


This is a lovely 3 panel scrolled design with a bird. It comes in 3 pieces so you can display it how ever you wish. The layout shown is 12" tall by 50" long and can be made in any of the colors shown in our color chart.