Vinyl Wall Decal Art - Cherry Blossom Branch

We have been making this design for a few years now and it never seems to grow old. The customers keep ordering new color combinations that just make it jump back to life. Some hove used such vibrant colors that I did not think would work, but they do! It just goes to show that we have some great customers that really know how to choose great colors.
This vinyl wall decal can add a splash of nature to any interior wall with our lovely cherry blossomed branch with birds. This 3 colored decal kit lets you have more control of your design by letting you place the 5 birds and blossoms anywhere you wish.

The branch measures 60” long and 21” tall. This can come reversed (or mirrored) if you let us know when ordering.

Please specify which 3 colors you would like:
1) Branch
2) Blossoms
3) Birds

Scrolled Bell Birdcage with 4 birds vinyl wall art

A bird in a scrolled bell bird cage vinyl wall decal. You can pick 2 colors one for the cage and one for the birds (4 birds). This one measures, the cage is 9 x 13 and chain comes in 6 - 6" sections) and comes in several pieces to make installation quick and easy.

scrolled bell birdcage wall decal
This is a Chuck E Byrd Wall Art original! You will not find it anywhere else on the Internet.

Fall color forecast for home decor

We are always looking around the net to see where home decor colors are headed so that we can stock the colors that people want. Well we found a very well written article on how people choose color and their forecast for fall. This article breaks things down into four themes, it is a very good read, check it out at

Chuck E Byrd Wall Art has always stocked the widest selection of color (56 colors) and in the next week we will be adding to our color chart even more color options. It has always been our goal to provide you with the best options for your wall decals. Whether it is Nursery decor, Quotations, Signs, or our ( made in vinyl ) originals "Keep Calm and Carry On" and we offer the most sizes and colors.

Plus now we offer a free decal with any purchase. Yes you read right! A FREE DECAL! Each month we choose a different decal to include with your order as our way of thanking you for your business. Just go to our website to see what we are giving away this month.

Each Month a different FREE Decal with any purchase

Chuck E Byrd Wall Art is giving away a different wall decal each month with any purchase. Each month we will pick a new decal to give away as our way of thanking our customers for your business (one per household, per month please). 

Give your guests a smile when they visit your home with this Welcome Sign. The two Doves extending an olive branch of welcome to all who enter. This month's free decal with any purchase.

Be sure to check back every month to see which free decal is included with any purchase.

Wall Decal Large Rain Clouds 8 pcs

Big Cloud set rain drops 

Our largest set of wall decal rain clouds, they range from 23" wide by 11 Tall to 10" wide by 6" tall and you will be getting 8 clouds in all! Plus our rain clouds come with 180 - 1 " raindrops and 220 - 3/4" raindrops, thats 400 raindrops! Raindrop come without transfer tape, just peel and stick them.

Chuck E Byrd Wall Art on Etsy and soon to be on

This is a two color design, one color for the clouds and one color for raindrops. Don't forget to include your color choice in the note to seller when checking out.

Victorian Frame Arrangement With Foyer Table Vinyl Wall Decal kit

This is a smaller set of frames we just did for one of Google’s new office buildings in California.
But we felt for the home this set would work fine.
Classic picture frames over a hall table
Add a touch of Victorian flair to you walls with this wall decal kit of 8 frames nestled above a foyer table decal. You will get 8 frames total in the following sizes.
1. 2 – 6″ X 6″
2. 2 – 8″ X 6″
3. 2 – 8″ X 11″
4. 1 – 13″ X 23″
5. 1 – 6″ X 4″
Plus a foyer style table decal that comes in 3 pieces and measures 32″ tall by 42″ long. The table comes in 3 pieces, table top and 2 sets of legs.
For this decal kit or any of our other decal kits just go to

Cathedral Arched Window vinyl wall decal with flower box

My wife designs many of our wall decals, here is her latest design.

Arched Window with shutters
This lovely vinyl wall decal kit features a cathedral arched style window with shudders and flower box with tulips and daisies, greenery and ivy. This is a 7 color decal kit that, when assembled as shown in the image, measures: 45″ wide by 60½” tall.
Please select the 7 colors from our color chart.
1. Window, shudders and flower box
2. greenery and ivy
3. Tulips
4. Large Daisies 1
5. Large Daisies 2
6. Small Daisies 1
7. Small Daisies 2
This is a Savvy Gal Designs Original – You will not find this design anywhere else.
This vinyl wall decal kit can be found on our Etsy shop along with the many other designs she has created over the years.

Featured on Oxygen - Our Chandilier wall decal

What an honor, we have been featured on the Oxygen website.
What a nice thing to do. Here is the link
Click on the link to check it out!

Well it looks like they have lost a few pages so our link is gone.
But you can still find this unique wall decal in our Etsy shop.
Chandelier from Chuck E Byrd Wall Art

Here is our Chandelier wall decal. Wouldn’t your room look great with this
decal kit on it? as shown it measures 48″ tall by 15″ wide.
The Chandelier alone is 13″ tall by 15″ wide.

Turn a plain white wall into a touch of Paris

We can help you turn a plain white wall into a stunning wall.

before an after
This is a highly detailed Eiffel tower vinyl decal that we have spent hours on tweaking the details to give you a sharp crisp decal, no grunge on this one.
It stands 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide and comes in 3 pieces for an easy installation.
We have 2 other sizes as well on Chuck E Byrd Wall Decals.

Tree in the Wind Vinyl wall decal

Decorating a child's nursery has never been easier. Our Tree in the Wind vinyl wall decal as shown measures 70" tall by 84" wide. The tree alone measures 66" tall by 53" wide. You can get this lovely design in up to 4 colors.

Cherry Blossom Tree Blowing in the wind wall decal

Support for Conan O'Brien vinyl decal I GO with COCO!

With everything that has been going on at NBC I thought I would make this for everyone to show support for Conan "COCO" O'Brien. Here is my vinyl decal letting everyone know "I  GO with COCO!" Where ever Conan lands is the station I'll be watching.

Show your support for Conan "Coco" O'Brien With this decal and let everyone know that you will go where COCO goes!

It measures 8" tall by 11" long and comes in gloss orange hair and white lettering or all orange..
You can buy one at our Etsy shop and the laptop decal is on our other shop Laptats  for only $12.50 plus shipping.
All of our decals are easy and simple to apply. These are sized for a notebook, but they also look great on any wall, window, or mirror and are perfectly suited for any smooth, clean surface.