Victorian Frame Arrangement With Foyer Table Vinyl Wall Decal kit

This is a smaller set of frames we just did for one of Google’s new office buildings in California.
But we felt for the home this set would work fine.
Classic picture frames over a hall table
Add a touch of Victorian flair to you walls with this wall decal kit of 8 frames nestled above a foyer table decal. You will get 8 frames total in the following sizes.
1. 2 – 6″ X 6″
2. 2 – 8″ X 6″
3. 2 – 8″ X 11″
4. 1 – 13″ X 23″
5. 1 – 6″ X 4″
Plus a foyer style table decal that comes in 3 pieces and measures 32″ tall by 42″ long. The table comes in 3 pieces, table top and 2 sets of legs.
For this decal kit or any of our other decal kits just go to

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