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Winner update

The Design File, a blog compiled by Lesley. She is someone who has a love for design and it shows in her blog. I say compiled instead of written because she is more about bringing the idea to the table and less about who had the idea.

We were contacted by Lesley a few weeks back when she asked us if it would be OK to write about our shop, Of course we jumped up and yelled YES! Her blog is such a great source for ideas and trends that who would not want to be featured in it? We where thrilled when we found out that we could work with Lesley on a free give away on her blog.

We jumped again to say yes. The Design File blog will be conducting this free give away and you will need to go to this link ( ) for the details on how to enter. But don't just stop on the enter page, check out Lesley's blog. I think everyone will find something of interest there. She compiles her post with a nice Midwest charm that I am sure everyone will enjoy.

We all know that the internet can be a cold place at times, but it is people like Lesley that add a warmth that help not just us here at Chuck E Byrd Wall Art, but everyone who reads her writings.


Chuck & Jeanette

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